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Hesco barrier2

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Hesco barrier2
Hesco barrier2 Material: Galvanized Iron Wire Hole Shape: Square Wire Gauge: 3mm,4mm,5mm Application: Gabions
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Material and features: 
Prefabricated, multi-cellular system, made of zinc-coated steel welded mesh and lined with nonwoven geotextile
Units can be extended and joined using the provided joining pins
It is easy installed with using minimal manpower and commonly available equipment
After extended, it is filled into sand, stone, then hesco barrier like a defense wall or bunker, it is widely used in military to protect safety
4mm wire/3mm spring
5mm wire/4mm spring
4mm wire/4mm spring
5mm wire/5mm spring
Mesh hole: 
50 x 50mm
60 x 60mm
65 x 65mm
70 x 70mm
76 x 76mm
80 x 80mm or as customer's request
0.6 x 0.6m
1 x 1m
1.2 x 1.2m
1.5 x 1.5m
1.5 x 2m
2 x 2m
2.21 x 2.13m or as customer's request
We can product as your request

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